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peace out bro - Nighke Perlmu by UbeSorbetes peace out bro - Nighke Perlmu :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 1 2 Shiemi doodle by UbeSorbetes Shiemi doodle :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 1 0 kuroko no basuke OC by UbeSorbetes kuroko no basuke OC :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 8 4 this melody is like love - Asahina Marise by UbeSorbetes this melody is like love - Asahina Marise :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 35 10
On My Mind - Shintaro Midorima
Guilty Conscious

It was known that Midorima could shoot the ball and never miss from any point in the court, no matter how far.  His shots never missed, as expected from someone in the Generation of Miracles.  He always lived up to people's expectations of him, he never disappointed.  His team relied on him, though he didn't need them as much as they needed him.
Right now, it was one of those moments.  It was hot, the arena crowded, as people cheered and made noise amongst themselves.  The Shuutoku team was in their formation against the other team.  There was only a few seconds left on the clock, and Shintaro was currently in possession of the ball.
Standing on the opposite side of the court, Shintaro concentrated as hard as he could on getting the ball in.  He knew it would go in regardless, so there shouldn't be any problem.
As he positioned himself to shoot, his mind began to wander slightly, a bead of
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 36 8
Bad Romance by UbeSorbetes Bad Romance :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 2 2
Kleptomania - Takami Yoh
Little thief

Yoh was known for having sticky fingers.  He could steal without anyone even noticing it.  He did it with such an evil grace, with a mere swipe of his fingers, or a bump to the shoulder.  Over time, it had just become a simple habit, something he couldn't help control.
Aside from that, he had good manners, or at least acted like it.  He seemed to care for others, his sister especially.  He sincerely cared for her, and had this ambition of getting her out of Deadman Wonderland.  That was the whole reason he purposely got himself arrested.  He knew that if he had raised a certain amount of Cast Points, then someone's sentence could be shortened.  To obtain the right amount of Cast Points, Yoh do anything and everything; he would even do work for that sneaky fox, Tamaki.  It was such a strange relationship he had with his sister.
These traits charmed [Name] in a sort of way.
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 21 213
Safety - Shion (No.6)
[Name] had never seen such kind eyes before.  They were a warm red color that held no hostility in them.  They looked kindly onto her poor, dirty self, that didn't slander against her.  They were willing to help her, a piece of trash like her.
She held her bony knees together with her bony arms, buried her head in them, and leaned against the cold brick wall, as the rain fell from the grey heavens.  Her tan, leathery skin was exposed to the rain, to the cold, and shivers rolled up her spine.  Her thin piece of clothing gave no warmth to her, it served more to keep her body from being exposed to the world.  
A loud, long growl came from her stomach, and she held her head high, with her mouth wide open, wanting to catch the rain water.  It would be better than anything, and it could even help sate her thirst.  How desperate [Name] was, for food, water, clothes.  
Light footsteps started t
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 13 12
Apologize - Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

The usually bubbly albino came running towards her at full speed, her pure white hair flying behind her.  As she came closer, [Name] was able to see large tears falling from her ruby eyes, staining her pale cheeks.  Even when she was upset, she had a lot of energy in her.  
"[Name]!  Shiro is sorry for always eating your snacks when you're asleep!"
"Shiro is sorry for always causing you trouble!  Shiro is sorry for being clumsy sometimes and making [Name] get hurt a lot!  Shiro is sorry for making the bullies mad and come after you!  Shiro is sorry for eating your candy, but I never will again because they taste absolutely terrible!  They're so bitter and those are the worst!"
"Shiro is really, really, really, really, sorry!  Please forgive me, pretty please, because Shiro gets lonely a lot sometimes, and she really wa
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 21 12
Falling Wings by UbeSorbetes Falling Wings :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 2 11 Where is your G O D ? by UbeSorbetes Where is your G O D ? :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 30 12
Illusions - Firo Prochainezo
I had a dream once that I could hold you
But I woke up and you were gone

A short dream of a bright-eyed woman, aged twenty, smiling happily at him with pearl white teeth, and lips painted red.  Her [h/c] locks, curled into tight ringlets, traced down her back and to her waist, and pieces hung over her shoulders, framing her freckled face.
His arms were wrapped around her petite frame, his chin rested on her shoulder, and he breathed in slowly, taking in the scent of her skin.  His lips pecked her collar bone, bringing her closer, holding her tighter.  Her small hand was placed at the side of his head, and she breathed in slowly.  He wanted for this moment to last forever, for these days to never leave.
"Firo," she breathed,
and he woke up.
He had to leave her many, many years ago.  They could never be together, never marry, never have children, never grow old together.  It was simple;
[Name] was aging, and he wasn't
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 21 7
The Familiar by UbeSorbetes The Familiar :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 8 14 Bleach OC by UbeSorbetes Bleach OC :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 13 6 B e  M y  F a m i l y by UbeSorbetes B e M y F a m i l y :iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 9 4
A Pack - Ghetto America

Three months had passed.  Three months, which Alfred had no idea had passed.  Everything just seemed longer, seemed shorter.  He wasn't keeping track of time in the sense that he used to.  Now, he only memorized dates when bills were due and when the stuff was being sold.  
Other than that, his sense of time had escaped him.  
He was drinking a lot more than usual for him, and for that reason, he didn't smoke as often.  He didn't know if that was a healthier substitute.  It probably wasn't.  But when did Alfred ever care about what happened to his body?  That's why he was involved in all these things in the first place.  Because he simply didn't care.
Did that mean he was suicidal?
He couldn't see that.
That day, the sunlight was brighter than usual.  It was so much brighter, Alfred woke up early from his sleep on the couch.  Why was it
:iconubesorbetes:UbeSorbetes 24 76
Enter at your own risk~.


Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA by fifthdimensional Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA :iconfifthdimensional:fifthdimensional 8,387 3,307 Code Geass by chiaroscuro8 Code Geass :iconchiaroscuro8:chiaroscuro8 551 39 You don't know how much I love you. by Kiwi-Kitsune You don't know how much I love you. :iconkiwi-kitsune:Kiwi-Kitsune 13 7 Hot hot heat by Rei-Ami Hot hot heat :iconrei-ami:Rei-Ami 441 74 tomato sauce by meago tomato sauce :iconmeago:meago 13,200 524 Kuroko No Basket - Shintaro Midorima Render by foreverGIKWANG Kuroko No Basket - Shintaro Midorima Render :iconforevergikwang:foreverGIKWANG 32 1 -Inu x Boku SS: Batch 1- by Remorsery -Inu x Boku SS: Batch 1- :iconremorsery:Remorsery 122 12 Traditional Hungary by PandaleonSaa Traditional Hungary :iconpandaleonsaa:PandaleonSaa 249 16 Tsuritama: Yuki by kazutan Tsuritama: Yuki :iconkazutan:kazutan 237 24 Shiro sweet tooth by KomnikartSculptor Shiro sweet tooth :iconkomnikartsculptor:KomnikartSculptor 25 15 A Ride by Rei-Yaka A Ride :iconrei-yaka:Rei-Yaka 19 1 Fun not fame... by prosaix Fun not fame... :iconprosaix:prosaix 5,542 318 Happy Birthday Waifu by Daenarys Happy Birthday Waifu :icondaenarys:Daenarys 5,029 149 Journey by kuro-mai Journey :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 4,981 181 KIRIBAN for by Rei-Yaka KIRIBAN for :iconrei-yaka:Rei-Yaka 94 9 Shogi by Rei-Yaka Shogi :iconrei-yaka:Rei-Yaka 51 3
So awesome ; A ;




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Soy Sauce can probably stain your teeth, no matter how many tooth-products you use. Therefore, I must stop eating my noodles with soy sauce but its not my fault my mom's noodles are so bland tasting



They say Cancers and Pisces are compatible with each other. Therefore, Shintarou Midorima and I were meant to be ahaha just kidding he's everyone's I don't own him

Yukio Okumura shouldn't complain about his moles, I have like, 11 scattered throughout my body. Ffft.

Mephisto Pheles is the human personification of flawless and perfection.

Multifandoming hurts forever.

Drawing through traditional media and fanfiction.

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  • Reading: I forgot what its called LOL
  • Playing: replaying Jak 2

School's been good so far, I barely get any homework ;u;
So I spend most of my day on Tumblr LOL

i'm on there a lot LOLOOLOL

Also I'm replaying Jak 2 because I love the series and Jak 2 is a game I'm determined to beat

Also PETA needs to chill its tits omg LOLOL

And I high fived the guy I like.



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Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too 
hirolu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Happy birthday!! :party::party::party:
Hope things go well on your special day! :ahoy:
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we're done.
SilverChromeX Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mephisto: I suggest not looking into my eyes, or you will face a much unfortunate death Yukio.

UbeSorbetes Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

SilverChromeX Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mephisto: Yukio ~ how'd about we hit the bars tonight and I'll be your wing man. It's time that you look for a woman, no? /mephisto troll face.
UbeSorbetes Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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SilverChromeX Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oi, by no point, I mean between us. Aside from the fact that I feel sometimes ignored, I feel like I'm doing quite a bit. What I mean is that I spend a good time usually sending you messages and chatting. So, after a good amount of time, I waste time sometimes just refreshing my tumblr to see if you're on, if you have responded. I so greatly love our conversations and whatnot. That's the only reason I'm ever on tumblr and partly why I'm on dA.

The night I deleted my account was when I saw that you were on and just made me feel butthurt to see you posting/having fun with others when you didn't send me a single message/mail. I was so desperately wanting to see your reaction to any messages and starters. I love to make you happy with them and I love the idea of you signing into dA whenever you do or tumblr to see a number of messages.

Now, I'm just losing motivation, I'm losing care, I'm feeling lost in a tunnel of isolation, and a part of me is simply considering doing what I usually just do best and disappear, move on, and hopefully find people who want to put effort into saying they're here. It's probably confusing and I don't blame you if you do feel confused.

Whatever happens at this point depends on what you do, I don't really want to bother for the time being, I don't really want to care, and as I said before I just don't really want to deal with any effort. I don't really want to bother being on the verge of tears.


I'm not happy right now.

And I wish that someone gave enough fucking care to want to talk with me and cheer me up right now.
UbeSorbetes Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
But I answered your messages in the morning, they were the first thing I did when I logged onto Tumblr that day .___.;
I didn't get any other messages from you since I replied to them in the morning D:
I love our conversations too Emmy ;u;
I just haven't been on Tumblr/dA often nowadays (especially dA) but when I do go on Tumblr, your messages are the first thing I reply to
I just haven't been checking dA for the past two months, I only check it on my phone to see if I have any notes from you

But if you feel like you need to take a break, then that's fine. Your emotional state matters most, and if I am indirectly causing it, then I do apologize for what I did.

Know that I am here for you, even if I'm the cause of your emotional distress right now.

I love you Emmy <3
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