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Smile – Male! Orihime

Don't cry because it's over…


A gentle breeze that came from the west caused the female Shinigami to look up.  Her [e/c] eyes fluttered from side to side, a heavy sigh escaping her lips.

"I know you're there, Oriōji [1]," [Name] said coolly, turning her head over her shoulder to eye the orange-brown haired human.

"[Last Name]-chan," Oriōji mumbled, his breath hitched in his throat.  "You're going soon, [Last Name]-chan.  It's all over."

She knew that tone of voice.  It was a voice of weakness, a voice of loneliness, a voice of sadness.  She had heard that tone come from him so many times before.  Oriōji was such a softie, really.  So unsuited for battle, she was amazed how he was forced into it.  That manipulative, arrogant, Aizen.

But it was all over now.  Just as Oriōji has said.  

"We'll still be friends, right?"

[Name]'s stomach tightened at the question.  Everything was over now.  There was no need for them to stay in the Human World.  The Shinigami were to be removed from Karakura Town, and return to Soul Society.

It was the end.

Oh, poor sweet, kind Oriōji!  Over the past year or two that they had known each other, he had grown dangerously close to [Name], she realized that.  She enjoyed his company quite well, more so than some of her oldest friends, like Ruki [2].  Oriōji had a certain charm about him that the Shinigami likes quite well.  She couldn't bear being away from him.

"[Last Name]-chan, don't cry."

I'm crying?

Warm arms wrapped around her waist, and he placed his head on her shoulder.  "We'll still be friends, I know it.  Even if we can't see each other as often, I know that the bonds we created will never break.  These chains that bind us together will never break, as long as their shackled to our hearts."

His warm hands left [Name]'s waist, and placed themselves on her thumping heart.

"So don't cry, [Name], I'll always be with you.  I know we'll see each other again.  Just keep your eyes set on that bright future, and it'll happen.  Don't cry."

[Name]'s shoulder began to moisten, and a muffled whimpering sound came from the human male.

"Tch.  Damnit Oriōji, don't be such a hypocrite."

… s m i l e because it happened.



[1]:  Orioji isn't really the name for Male!Orihime; he doesn't have a name.  So I made one up.  I kept the 'Ori' part, and changed 'hime' (princess) to 'ōji' (prince).
It sounds cool, so… :D
[2]:  Ruki; my made up name for Male!Rukia.  Yep.
I have no idea what this is, don't even ask o3o

So I guess I'll publish fanfiction here too~? Just until I can get around the Captchas on Quizilla.

Fuckin' shit.

Male!Orihime is hot yo.

Anime: Bleach
Character: Inoue Orihime (genderbent~)


The picture belongs to Rusky-Boz :D
Jusbene Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Student Interface Designer
I hope you're gonna give credit to *Rusky-Boz for using her picture... :grump:
UbeSorbetes Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, that's the artist of the picture? O: Sorry, I just googled "male orihime inoue" and found the pic x'D

Thank you for telling me, though I'll credit her~!
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